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MyChart Access Request

Thank you for your interest in MyChart at Akron Children's Hospital. You are just a few steps away from secure, 24/7 access to your family’s health information. To sign up:

1) Select the type of access you are requesting

2) Complete and submit the online form for approval. The patient must be an established patient at Akron Children's in order to request a MyChart account online. Requests will not be reviewed and approved without a valid form of photo identification.

3) Once the request form and proof of photo ID have been received, reviewed and approved, we will send a secure, activation email within 7 business days. We will contact you by phone or email if we have any questions.

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Who Can Request Access Online?

You must be 18 or older to request MyChart access online. Teen access (for patients ages 12-17) is available upon request during your next visit.

Parents/Primary Caregivers of Patients: A parent/primary caregiver for a patient under age 12 may be granted full proxy access to MyChart. A parent/primary caregiver may be granted teen proxy access to MyChart for patients age 12-17.

Parents/Primary Caregivers of Patients with Diminished Capacity: A parent/primary caregiver of a child who has diminished capacity may be granted full proxy access to MyChart. Diminished capacity must be verified by a physician.

Patients 18 and older: MyChart proxy access expires when the patient turns 18. Adult patients can request MyChart access for themselves at any time - and patient access to MyChart never expires.